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Mechanized plasters

Mechanized plastering is the solution to eliminate a long list of disadvantages such as: material loss, increased lead time, low quality of work or workers.

The substrate on which the mechanized plaster is applied must not be degraded, it must be dry and dust-free.

Considering that operations such as mixing the material and applying it on ceilings or walls are done mechanically, we can guarantee the homogeneity of the plaster and the reduced losses of the material.

For mechanized plasters we can use several types of materials: traditional plastering material based on plaster and sand, multibat and sand, cement, sand and lime or pre-packaged and pre-dosed materials based on sand, cement and lime, or pre-packaged material based on of ipsos.

The advantages of mechanized plaster plasters are:

  • Very short drying period.
  • The finish is represented by small corrections with thin plasters after which the washable paint can be applied.
  • The plaster does not crack.
  • The plaster is resistant to moisture due to the quality of the plaster to absorb vapors.
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Mechanized cast screeds

Mechanized cast screed is much higher quality than the classic one due to the mechanical operations to which it is subjected, due to the additives we can use, homogenization and helicopterization for a perfect finish. In addition, the machined screed is poured in a much shorter time.

Mechanized screed is poured to level the concrete slab, cover electrical installations, heat, floor or concrete support, slope for terraces.

The process of casting the mechanized screed includes the perimeter strip, the screed is reinforced with three-dimensional dispersed polypropylene fiber, and slopes can be made on request.

For the winter season, the mechanized screed can be poured down to temperatures as low as -5° C.

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Mechanized painting

Mechanized paints with airless technology represent the high pressure spraying of paint particles on the wall, fixing them perfectly, resulting in a very smooth and uniform final surface.

The airless application improves the adhesion of the paint layer on the wall and prolongs its life compared to that applied by other methods. The machines used for painting operate at very high pressures, over 1000 psi, resulting in a uniform application of the washable on the walls, without creating air bubbles or application imperfections.

Due to the higher efficiency of the application process, we are able to cover much larger areas in a short time, resulting in works that take less time.

Mechanized painting can be used both indoors and outdoors. The application will be made on a dry, plastered, sanded and primed support inside.

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  • Quality

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  • Vision

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  • Experience

    We are your advisors and help in carrying out the project. We have over ten years of experience in the field and we always deliver projects to the highest standards we are capable of.

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